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CAD 8.0 Pop up windows within the intergrated browser

Robert Dawson

Hello all

We're running UCCX 8.0.2 and are trying to use our web based CRM from within the CAD Integrated browser. I've allowed pop up windows from the CAD workflow administrator, but when our CRM tries to open a pop up window, they are asked to log back in again.

Have any of you experienced this problem, and if so is there a way to make the CAD and Internet explorer speak to each other so that their log in session is remembered.

Many thanks

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Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

We use a similar scenario.  Do you know how the windows are being popped?  is it target="_BLANK" or with Javascript  We use the latter successfully.  Also, if the window being popped is on the same domain, it "should" retain the active login session.  If it's on a different domain, it'd be treated as a new web session, but as long as that separate domain didn't keep changing, it shouldn't require a login on every call.

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