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CAD CRM Integration

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We are currently performing an IPCX Premium 4.0.3 installation.

Can the CAD functions be imbedded into Internet Explorer which is being used for the CRM app. The agent would log into the CAD via a toolbar within IE & not log onto the CAD physically at all.

Is this type of integration possible or supported by Cisco? Do Cisco provide the APIs &\or CTI for the IPCX CAD to allow this? I understand that CRM integration is more common & supported on IPCC Enterprise.

Can this even be done on IPCC Enterprise?

Thanks for any hints\tips in advance,


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CAD is a closed book. You cannot reuse controls. No source code is given and there is no controls as such that you can reuse.

IPCC Enterprise is open source. you have lot of options. You can use CTI Toolkit and either choose java or .net or just reconfigure ctios controls etc. You can do anything with that.

There are companies that have integrated CAD with SAP and also cisco supports CAD integrtion with Microsoft CRM. Those are the only 2 that I have heard off.

If you were to decide on what to do based on custom cti functionality, any day, I would advise on IPCC Enterprise.

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Take a look at Interact by Netelligent. The address is They have an application that will integrate natively with several business application.