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Liam McDonnell

CAD login failure with CUPS integration

OK so here we go,

UCCX System version:

Cucm System version:

CUPS System version:

So we've integrated UCCX desktop with CUPs fine, CAD user goes to login gets error asking for Presence creds.

CUPS and CUCM are Ldap authenticated integrated.

I've manually tested logging users into Jabber desktop and Cups user (web login) and both login fine with the same ldap user ( CAD uses this login too)

If I click cancel on CAD login agent logs in fine to CAD, however if I try login to chat gets rejected even though creds are the same.

Have manually input creds into CAD when prompted for Presence login (still gets rejected)

Weird how creds work for Jabber but not getting passed through, have restarted all servers in cluster.

Any input welcome.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Liam

This is a particularly poorly implemented feature.

Basically pre 9.0 I think it doesn't do any authentication to CUPS. What you need is an entry in the 'Incoming ACL' (in the system/security/incoming acl menu I think) for the IP address of each PC that will use this feature. My understanding is this basically bypasses authentication.

In 9.0(2) that i upgraded to this week, it supports digest auth. The description from the admin guide is that you must set the digest creds on the CUCM end user to match the user's login password. Well... that's just great security isn't it? 'Please may I have your AD password so I can add a feature to your CAD? Oh, and tell me every time you change it so I can update it'....

There are also a host of bugs I found - you can't search for contacts in Web CDA to add them to contact lists in larger ADs, it doesn't seem to show the status of any internal or external contacts properly, and upgrading to 9.0(2) only made it slightly better.

I get the feeling not many people have used this, or there wouldn't be so many issues...


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Ouch this sucks,

Tried adding test PC's ip to inbound ACL but this did not fix issue.

Upgraded UCCX to SU4 at TAC's request this also hasn't fixed issue.

Will post more if I come across solution.