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CAD version 10 DLL

In v9 we were using CAD with netcil dll netutil dll for testing issues.
With the born of V11 Finnese became available. So, we want to learn which DLL's will be used instead of netcil dll netutil dll ?

Cisco Employee

Hello a_rizk,

I see from your role that you're a developer, so I assume the context here is developing and maintaining a custom integration against UCCE CTI.

If I understand correctly, I take it you're wondering how you should test integration issues with UCCE CTI integrations.

You mention both CAD and Finesse. It's not clear to me what you're asking. Is it a question on how to integrate/debug Finesse, or what version of CAD is compatible with UCCE v11? Or are you asking how to debug Finesse using CAD in v11?

Let me try a scatter gun approach, and you can respond if I missed on this attempt.

If you're looking to continue using CAD, the latest version supported is 10.0(2). That's the last release available for UCCE. I think UCCE v11 is the last version it will be supported. I assume you are already aware, but you can take a look at the compatibility matrix for details.

Compatibility Matrix for Unified CCE - DocWiki

If you're a partner, you should see about getting access to devnet if you don't already. We have information on how to integrate with various APIs. Finesse integration does not use DLLs. Integration partners typically integrate using java script / gadgets using the Finesse API, hosted on the Finesse framework.

if you're wondering about how to debug Finesse issues using CAD, that's a different question all together. If that's the case, maybe you can respond back and provide more details. The v10.0(2) is the latest CAD version available, but you could also try debugging via v11 CTIOS. But CTIOS is obsolete for UCCE in v11.5.