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Call Back Script can't call externally UCCX v11.5

Casey Arnold

I have a callback script and have created a test CSQ script and as long as the caller enters an internal extension as the callback number, everything works perfectly.  However, if the caller enters an external number, the system doesn't place the call.  During Debug, it fails as unsuccessful in the place call branch and then just jumps to the END as is programmed for the Unsuccessful branch.

We do require dialing a 9 here to get an outside line, and I have tried entering a callback number beginning with the 9 and then a 7 digit local number, but I cannot get the call to go through.

Agents have no issues making outbound calls directly from Finesse when the put the leading 9 in front of the number they are dialing and get successful calls to go through both local and LD.

What am I missing?

I am attaching a copy of the CSQ test script saved as a .txt file so that it will upload and can then be changed back to an .aef file.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Few things to check:

  • The CSS on CTI ports have access to the route pattern needed to be matched for outside calling
  • The number you enter in your script matches proper route pattern
  • Are you using Local Route Groups, if so ensure you CTI ports and ingress GW have proper device pool assigned to SLRG defined.