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Call Center Office

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Please I need your help, I want to make a Call Center Office and I want to know Exactly what is the components I need to make a Good Call Center

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You should engage your Cisco Account team or partner to help with this. You need to first prepare a plan and based on that the network can be designed or implemented. Some of the things you need to know would be:

>> How many agents are needed right now and the scope of expansion in the future

>> Will it be a single site or a multi-site setup

>> What are the exact features that you require for the callers, based on that you can check the datasheets of Express and Enterprise deployments

>> You need to decide on the software and the IP Phone models that the agents would use to handle the calls

>> If the call flow requires/mandates hardware resources like Transcoder or IOS MTP then you need to check the correct gateway type that can handle the requirement

>> Apart from that you need to look into the QoS setup which is very important for any Voice/Video/Call center deployment

If you can check the Contact Center design guides it will be helpful to you.



Thanks Manish for your replay 
I will check these requirements 

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We're a call center based in AU. We've been using Tenfold for call and data management, as well as an integration solution. You should check it out.