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Call drops if answered too quickly...Less than 2 rings ( 8 sec)

Kleid Gjataj

I have a callback script in place for a customer. I have used the same script at other customer sites before running on the same version.9.0.2

At this particular customer I am encountering a bizarre issue. If the agent answers the "Phantom" call too quickly (faster than 8 seconds), the call tries to connect and then drops.After the call drops, it is presented to the agent over and over. If the agent waits 9 seconds to answer the call, everything works fine and you hear the "Looping" menu "To call the customer back press 1 etc"

This only happens for CTI port initiate calls (phantom calls). Other queue calls work fine. CSS and partitions are fine because the call is getting to the agent. I don't have any delays in the script that would stop the Menu from playing.

I am using a separate CCG and Dialog Group


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Ravi Shankar Pandit
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi ,


Can you recreate the issue and send me MIVR logs for working and non working calls.

Please enable Engine debugs before recreating the issue .





Thanks for your  help Ravi. 

I have attached the logs:
The call occurred around 14:20 CST
First alert rings the agent and I answer it immediately
Phone tries to connect for 5 seconds and then it disconnects from the phone
call goes back to queue
It alerts the agent again
This time I allow it to ring for 10 seconds before answering
Everything works fine.

Version System version:
Single server - No HA
Issue happens for all agents

callingDeviceID: 3094, 
calledDeviceID: 3062
Agent phone EXT: 666
Agent ID:Tympani



   An object of
   ID: 31000003561
   Start time (ms): 1432149516775

Hi Kleid,


We have fixed the issue by Disabling Muilticast MOH on all the CTI ports.


Muilticast MOH is not supported on CTI port.

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