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Call not getting hang up after release

Hello there,


We have a custom desktop application integrated with finesse (PCCE 12.5), we are facing an issue on call drop randomly, sometimes there is no issue and it worked fine, the agent is in an active call (TALKING state), and sometimes when he invokes end call action there is no response from the system, it seems like system got stuck and not responding, please advise, is it due to connection lost between our application and finesse or some other reason?


Please note that we have downgraded the security to TLSv1 as java 5 does not support TLSv1.2, can it be a reason for this issue?


Muhammad Arslan
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Hi @Muhammad ,

@bmachado will be helping you out for this issue.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Muhammad,

First of all, sorry for the delayed response. 
For customer inbound call,  DROP call action should not have been present in first place. Could you please elaborate the test case your are executing?. i.e is it just the customer in bound call or agent is doing transfer/conference actions as well before hit with the call failure.? In normal inbound call we don't expect DROP call action to be present for the user. 

This should explain about the support of DROP action on call. I wont be able to answer whether DROP call action will cause failure or not in your case, since, the failure scenario you are facing will be hard to reproduce locally and test.

And TAC means Cisco Technical Assistance Team.