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Call Studio 10.5 AntBuild Nullpointer

Level 4
Level 4

We are upgrading from CVP 8.5 to CVP 10.5.

I notice that after running my antbuild script that builds my custom java aplications and puts new jar files under deploy/java/application/lib folder, i start to get NullPointer errors.

For example, when i try to add a new audio element to the callflow the error occurs, i clicked Ok, then try to delete the element and get the error again, with every action in the callstudio i get the error. Generally after restarting the CallStudio, errors dissappear. But the strange thing is i dont get the error with the only application that i runned the antbuild script, but with the all application on my workspace at that time, even with the applications that dont have any antbuild scripts.

There are also explanations in the error log that point out org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.jface when get this error as in the screenshot below.

I’m attaching sample antbuild scripts, and error screenshots.

Could there be a problem with antbuild versions?

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Level 4
Level 4

I think you have already working with cisco TAC with SR 633877481 .

You are on right track . Good Luck