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call studio ,how to fetch ani from parameters

xiaosen weng
Level 1
Level 1

see from the attach call studio  application log, the ani  value is NA, but from  start parmater , it has value,  my question is , how can i get the start parmater value from call studio java code?

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Hmm, that's interesting. I assume that there's no way to catch it in a session that's why you're asking? The first thing that pops to mind is that you need to have a SIP profile in your incoming gateway and take the SIP URI and update the ANI. That way you actually get the ANI. Another option would be if you see that URI in ICM you can then concatenate that data in the ToExtVXML. Do you see that in ICM?



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It's the ;user=phone parameter on the SIP URI that causes the problem when it's sent to CVP VoiceXML as part of the application invoking HTTP request as a query param value.  Try removing it with a SIP profile on the ingress gateway and you should get the calling party set correctly.