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Call Studio Migration from 8.5 to 10.5


I export my application in Call Studio 8.5 as File System, then copy that exported version, paste it into my new Call Studio 10.5 workspace, and import it in the Call Studio 10.5 as "Existing Call Studio Project into Workspace". But when i compare these two applications as directory compare, i dont see any difference. Is it normal or am i doing something wrong in the migration step?


The migration tool may not change the content but the project generated after deploy will differ based on the versions. Please make sure after importing the application into the newer version your application layout is not broken and the deploy application is functioning as desired.

Please refer to the migration Guide of CVP 10.5 for more details.

Make sure after you Import that under

Project/Properties/CallStudio/General that the Deploy Version is set to

10.5 --Mine didn't change automatically and caused the deployed app to

not quite work.

I encountered the same issue and had to manually set it.


I checked the Deploy Version, it's 10.5. After import, i compare the old and the new versions, all the files are the same. But i have big problem now. After import, i validate application, it is ok, i deploy it, it is ok. After that i try to add a new element for example an audio element to the callflow, and save it, all my element vxml files change.  standalone="no" property occurs in the xml files in the first line and some of the element settings disappear, for example settings in the decision element, or inputs on a customized element, and application gets lots of error. Did you experience something like this?

This is an example of a comparision of vxml files before and after inserting an audio element.


I don't have Studio 8.5. When I import a Studio 9.0 app into Studio 10.5

I don't have the problem you're seeing.

Sounds like a big bug in the software.

Can you upload a (simple) Studio 8.5 application and I'll try importing

it into my 10.5 Studio?

The Studio 10.5 I'm using is Version: 10.5.1 Build id: 20140530-0056

What is yours?

Hi Janine,

How can i share app privately?

You can email me at jgraves(at)trainingtheexperts(dot)com

Hi Janine,

You experienced the same errors last week with my sample application. On which OS did you make the test?

I'm working on Win8.1, are you working on Win 7 or Win8?

Btw, we realized that the problem was caused by the Page Entry nodes and the elements that have the same name. This was not a problem on the previous versions.

Hi Deniz,

Is this issue fixed? Please can you let me know what changes you made in order to fix this issue.



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