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Call Studio number.MBasicNumber element is not accepting leading zero

Hi ,


in the IVR flow , there is Number element (number.MBasicNumber) where phone number is entered by a user. If user enters 012345 , in the menu it is received as 12345 which means starting zero is getting truncated.

Earlier same  CVP application  was accepting dtmf as 012345 but now its 23456.

In the last few months , we have upgraded to VVB  to 12.5 .   


Any idea, what can be the reason ?



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Can you show a picture of that node and the settings from Call Studio (the one that works and the one that doesn't). It would seem strange for it to be truncating a number, it isn't like you're using odd characters that can cause problems like # or *.

Also, what does the log show, can you paste the activity log as well?

Hi Team,

When I entered “0123456789” in the dtmf , this element only captured “123456789”.

However few months back , it was capturing  complete number starting with zero.

Only change I remembered is VVB 12.5 upgrade.

Does this depends on telecom operator or VVB ?

If you haven't done it yet, I would start by confirming exactly what is sent back from the VB to the CVP app.  Either turn on the VoiceXML debug logger for your studio app or use Wireshark on the CVP server.  

Also, for hahas do you see any difference if you set the input method to be DTMF only?

No difference if changed Number element for dtmf input.

VVB is truncating the "01234" to "1234". 

Any setting on VVB 12.5 to send the complete number without truncating the leading zero ?

Hmm, this must be a bug. Do you see the DTMF being recognized in your gateway? Is it only a leading 0 that is being missed or any other DTMF?



Is it always only if first digit is a 0?

If you enter in 1230, does it always work?

Also, what gateway adapter are you using (i.e. what happens if you stick with the DTMF only thought and try something like VXML 2.1 with Cisco DTMF?

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