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Call Variable context lost when transferring to CUCM

Hi all,

I have an UCCE + CVP 11 deployment. I have the following scripting:

- Welcome prompt is played

- IVR menu  is played where if caller knows the destination of the call press the corresponding digit.

- The destination of the call is dynamic  and set by user in an external Database, so I am using Label node with dinamic content red from the corresponding SQL table. The label correspond  with a CUCM Route point  that comes into another ICM Script that routes to the selected dkill group.

- The transfer is done correctly but call context is not maintained and information provided by customer in first part of the call. that is stored in callVariables, is lost with this transfer.

Is there anyway of doing a dynamic transfer keeping callcoontext of the call?

Thanks and regards


So you're transferring a call

So you're transferring a call in one script to another separate script and want to keep the variables set in the first script intact.

Since the call redirect is done thru cucm, i'm going to assume this is not possible. 

I'd think two options-

You could use a subflow script, though I'm not sure it would work perfectly in your case. 

Or you write said variables to a database and have the other script read from those.

Keep in mind, there may be other better ways and I'm definitely going off of educated guesses. I figure my input may help since you have no other answers.  

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