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Ruud van Strijp

Callforward whole contactcenter application/csq


We have a lot of small contactcenters (1-2 phones), which we use because we need prompts and callqueueing for these small departments. Sometimes these departments want to be able to forward all incoming contactcenter calls to a 7925 wifi phone.

Usually you'd make a Transfer To block in the UCCX script, but this way people don't have the ability to change the CFA destination since it's hardcoded. Is there a way to make users able to set up this call forward manually from their phone?

We tried setting the CFA for the phones in the contactcenter, however this way the 7925 will ring but will be unable to answer the call.

CUCM and UCCX version is 8.5.


Ruud van Strijp


If you don't mind giving your users access to the UCCX Admin pages, you can modify your script to make it controllable from the App Admin page.  Just create a variable and script logic to Transfer to the 7925.  Then set that variable to be exportable.  That will make it show up in the App Admin page.  It could be a boolean and they just check the box and set it to True when they want to forward calls.

If you don't want them with access to UCCX admin, you could create a separate script/application to control the call center state via a phone.  Your agents could call into this script to set the forward state (Yes/No, maybe even the directory number to forward to).  This would write to an XML file.  Then your main script would be reading that XML file to determine the state of the call center.  We use these type of applications to control things like broadcast messages, emergency closing, etc. 

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply.

I also considered a dialin number to change these settings. However, this is still relatively 'hard' for users, mainly because this way they can't see the status of their forward on their phone. They'd need to call to this number to hear the status.

Considering this is too hard for end users, imagine how overwhelmed they would be by the UCCX admin interface ;-)

There must be some easier way, I'd think.


Ruud van Strijp

Well most of the solutions I can think of that are easer for the users, will be harder for you

If you have any web developers in your organization, you could create a little web app to control the XML file (or use database or web services depending on your license level).  They could turn on/off and check the status via a webpage.  You could also create a phone "service" they could use instead of a web browser.

Not sure about your exact use case, but you could also simply forward all calls when everyone logs out?  You could add logic that if all agents log out then forward calls. 

Hi Thomas,

Yeah we currently have that implemented. If all users log out, all calls are forwarded to a central receptionist. But now they also want to be able to 'override' that and forward calls to their mobile phone.

I think we'll have to look into developing some website, I think that'd be the most userfriendly. It's too bad Cisco doesn't have an out-of-the-box solution for this issue. Especially since it's not a really rare situation, I've encountered this many times before.

Thanks for your help!



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