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Calling a CSQ directly

I'm currently using UCCX and trying to figure out what extension a certain queue is tied to so that a person can transfer a call directly to it.


For instance, press 2 for men's shoes, press 3 for women's shoes. If the person accidently presses 3, I want the person that answers to know what extension to dial to send them directly to option 2's menu, without going back to the main menu


When I look at the script, i see the menu option for it just says "Set string_csq = "MensShoes""


The problem is I can't figure out what number I'm supposed to give them. I'm not a UCCX pro


Re: Calling a CSQ directly

Directory numbers are not associated with CSQ's, rather only with applications. 

I assume this is for the receptionist forwarding calls to CSQ's? A workaround would be to create a secret option such as # or * that sends the person backwards in the menu. 


Do you need help setting that up?


EDIT- Just re-read and realized you meant when the wrong agent picks up the phone - how can they transfer the call to the right department without have to navigate a menu tree..

Only thing I can really think of is creating a seperate application with a smaller and quicker tree so they can quickly transfer the call accordingly.


Honestly though, does this problem happen often enough to really need a solution? Sometimes you just gotta tell management when they're making a non-issue into a big issue. 

Are people fat fingering it? Or do they just not know the right department to go to? This would be the first thing to figure out. Maybe you just need to re-record your menu prompts to properly describe the departments so that people can be directed where they need to be the first time. 


Re: Calling a CSQ directly

Your re-read was exactly what I was referring to.

The issue came up because in the old system (Avaya), they had extensions to every queue, so I guess they finally just tried calling those extensions and realized they don't work anymore.

I doubt it happens enough. I just couldn't figure out where this info was. I have been staring in UCCX and at the scripts for the past 3 hours. I thought I was missing something. I assumed every menu option has a trigger extension

Re: Calling a CSQ directly

Well your setup is definitely weird..

Most environments have a main menu script application that then directs calls to different applications. 

Sounds like your main menu applications also just contains all of the CSQ's involved. 


Sounds like a new project to me ;)


Re: Calling a CSQ directly

The main menu script directs to a 2nd script, but that second script contains all the CSQs

Re: Calling a CSQ directly

I have accomplished this by creating an extra trigger to the application and adding a check for called number with the Get Contact Info step and having that go directly to the correct queue. So the user who takes the call does a transfer to the extra trigger and disconnects as soon as they hear ringing/queuing music which leaves the caller in the correct queue.


CSQ Transfer.PNG


the Go To sends them directly above the Select Resource step.


I'm sure this isn't the best way to do this but it kept all steps in the same script which was our requirement.


Just my 2 cents


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