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CallOut gadget


So I am attempting to add data to the call out gadget, i.e.:

    callvars["callVariable1"] = loanid;

            callvars["callVariable2"] = document.getElementById("userPhone").value;

            callvars.BAAccountNumber = loanid;

            callvars.userLoandID = loanid;

But I don't see it presented in the uccx database.

How can I get associated calls so  that the data appears in uccx?

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Hi Joe,

Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do without seeing the logs and your files to do some debugging. For this, I suggest purchasing/opening a DevNet support ticket to get 1 on 1 help with debugging.



Yea it's just easier to create a static account and use those credentials. LOL

Also the docs should change and say config is what should be passed in. The documents don't say that.

And it would be helpful to create a sample gadget that uses those utilities.

And keep in mind using UCCX

So for the utilities thing, this worked.

   try {

                token = _util.getUserAuthString();

            } catch (e) {

                token = "error";



Sometimes you just need to talk it out with someone, and the answers present themselves!

Thanks for posting what actually DID work!

Paul Zimmerman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Joe, I see that you've been trying to get some help for Finesse. As I'm sure you've noticed, the Spark room is mainly for quick answers. The forums are for more detailed answers that can be addressed by the community. For more hands-on, direct and dedicated support, the best solution is to purchase a ticket. You can get one here: Cisco DevNet: DevNet Developer Support

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