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Ask Me Anything - October 2020


Can a Peripheral Variable be introduced into a CUIC stock report for filtering?

Hello. We currently have UCCX v10.6 and are planning an upgrade to 12.5 soon. We are talking about redesigning things because of expected growth to the business. We are reaching limitations on the total number of skills and CSQs per agent. Is there a way to take a peripheral variable that we set in the scripts and use it when we run a CUIC report like Contact Service Queue Activity Report By CSQ? Instead of having a CSQ for each of our clients showing their SLAs, we would like to create a CSQ for each of our departments and then get the SLA for each client based on the peripheral variable which is already being set by the toll free number being dialed Can the reports break up the CSQ by this peripheral variable and give the % of Service Level Met. The CSQ would be a subset of our clients that all have the same SLA. We could then provide them their specific SLA. Please see attached.


VIP Mentor

With custom reporting you can achieve just about anything, though it's not always straight forward or easy.  For example, CCVs are in the CCDR table, but your CSQ data is in the CQDR table.  You'd need to basically re-write the stock report to leverage this additional condition, and that will likely take some programming skills (or at least SQL/Stored Proc skills), and not achievable, via a simple GUI checkbox or edit.  The good news is, in UCCX 12.5 you can write some semblance of custom reports in the native CUIC GUI now, but it's my belief that in order to unlock the full power of custom reporting, you'll need to write code.


Long story short, the answer is no to your question, but also yes, to a question you didn't ask. 


Thank you for the feedback. I have heard of third party reporting tools that might be able to extract these things from the database and produce this ability to customize the report like we need. If anyone knows of a good product, please feel free to reply...

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