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Can't restore Cisco Agent Desktop after login

Good day everyone!

We have  about 300 agents, who are using Cisco Agent Desktop and only 2 of them has the following issue. After successful login, CAD window minimizes and it cannot be restored. After ending CAD process and trying several times, CAD starts to run normaly. I have searched all over the internet, but couldn't find any solution for this problem. Maybe someone could help me in solving this?

Thank you.


Re: Can't restore Cisco Agent Desktop after login

Check the preferences on the agent desktop. Change window behavior from 'Normal' to 'Keep Open'



Re: Can't restore Cisco Agent Desktop after login

Thank you. But your solution didn't help to solve the problem. Maybe someone has another solutions?

Re: Can't restore Cisco Agent Desktop after login

          Hello, I am not completely sure it will help in case of CAD, but I had several similar issues with CTIOS Agent/Supervisor Desktop about a year ago. The sympthoms where the same: the main application window is visible on the taskbar minimized, taskmanager shows that the process is active but still, application window is not visible. I resolved the issues in two ways:

1. Recreate user profile by         

     logging user off,


     logging in with administrating account,

     delete* the profile** of that user who is experiencing problems.


     and logging in again into user account.

2. This way is much more simple and faster - Just delete/rename registry hive in HKCU\Software that corresponds to CAD software (in my case it was[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cisco Systems\CTI Desktop\CtiOs\Softphone])***, logout, login again, and you should get a brand new application grid, and everything should work just fine after that.

* - don't forget to back user documents and various stuff in his profile )

** - in Windows 2K, XP, 2K3 Server go to Controll Pannel=>System Props=>Advanced Tab=>User profile props -  delete the profile.

*** - In my situation, I also needed to propagate Full Access for registry hive [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cisco Systems\CTI Desktop]

hope it will help


Re: Can't restore Cisco Agent Desktop after login

We have this issue once in a while.  The thing I found fixed it was to right click the task bar and choose cascade windows.  This does cascade all open windows, but the CAD application does show up.  PITA, but for a few times a year fix it works fine.


Re: Can't restore Cisco Agent Desktop after login

I'm experiencing the same issue with CAD  in UCCX 8.5(1)SU2. I think I changed from Normal to another option and back to Normal and I suspect under the hood it's not going back to Normal.

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