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Can UCCX use VXML file?

I have a VXML file hosted as a plain file on IIS. The file contains the VXML that I want UCCX to fetch and then send to the VVB for interpretation.


Which step element in CCX Editor do I use to send VXML to the VVB? Is this even possible?

Maybe it's multiple steps? I'm a UCCX newbie.


I have tried three different UCCX steps:

  1. URL[] -> cannot be cast to
  2. DOC[] -> cannot be cast to
  3. FILE[] -> cannot be cast to

Re: Can UCCX use VXML file?

I was able to solve this myself. The problem is that the Cisco sandbox installation for 11.6 has some bugs that need to be worked around.

In CCX Editor, the steps are laid out succinctly in the reference doc. Search under "Creating a Script that Runs a VoiceXML Document".


The referenced vxml doc needs special treatment to work however. Here's mine:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE vxml SYSTEM "voicexml.dtd">
<vxml xmlns="" version="2.0">
	<form id="say_hello">
			<audio src=""></audio>
			<goto next="#say_goodbye" />
	<form id="say_goodbye">

I'm no vxml expert so all of this was new to me.

  1. <!DOCTYPE vxml SYSTEM "voicexml.dtd"> - has to add this line with the 'vxml' param to match my root doc name, also I had to manually create the dtd file from the spec or it couldn't validate my xml, web references to the dtd didn't work in the sandbox
  2. <vxml xmlns="" version="2.0"> - must be 2.0 version
  3. <audio src=""> - audio speech works great
  4. <prompt>goodbye</prompt> - the voice browser was unable to TTS any prompts; its exception was "NoTextPrompt: Error converting TTSPrompt to DOM, this prompt cannot be handled by this provider.", this is still unsolved for me and I may contact TAC about it as I need TTS
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