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Can UCCX version 11.6 support Whisper


We are running Finesse UCCX version 11.6, can we configured it to support Whisper functionalities like in the PCCE.

Our goal here is to give a forewarning to the agent which CSQ that was selected by the customer before the caller is routed to the Agent.

Thank you


CCX does not support either Whisper or Agent Greeting. You can request the feature through your Cisco AM/SE.

Cisco Employee

Jonathan is correct in saying that UCCX does not provide any of these functionalities natively. Though there is a way to achieve Whisper Announcement with the help of custom scripting even in UCCX and here is the summary of the steps to be taken in the script:

Set the connect parameter in the Select Resource to NO

Under Selected step, use the Get User Info step for the selected agent and obtain the IPCC extension

Use the Place call step and call the agent from the UCCX

Use Play Prompt step and change the contact from Triggering Contact to the call created. Play any necessary prompt to the agent (whisper)

Use the Connect step and send the customer's call to the agent. This would basically mean that an agent would get a call from the UCCX before answering the customer's call. This would be the method by which Whisper would be achieved in UCCX. Here are some posts from the Cisco Support Community with an example script too:

For Whisper Coaching, you should ideally be asking supervisors to interact with agents using Jabber as that is more up-to-do thing these days within CC environments.




Deepak is right (as usual) but, in my opinion, that workaround is a bad idea that should not be used.

If you use it, be aware of the implications it will have:

  • For every real call an agent receives from the ACD, their phone will receive two separate calls. Any Agent-oriented reports will show incorrect call quantities.
  • Practically speaking, you need to enable Auto Answer to avoid the agent having to press answer twice.
  • The CTI activity will double for every call attempt offered to the agent. At low scale this likely won't be an issue but if you are anywhere near the CCX platform capacity, this could push it over.
  • Ensure that you fully consider the failure logic in the script. For example, if auto-answer is off, what should the script do if the agent doesn't answer this extra "whisper" call?



I am confused I am reading this in the CM 11.5 feature guide.

Whisper Coaching

Cisco Unified Communications Manager also supports whisper coaching, a CTI enhancement on silent monitoring whereby a supervisor can speak to the agent while the monitoring session is underway without the customer hearing. Whisper coaching can only be initiated by a CTI application. If silent monitoring is already configured then no additional configuration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager is required for whisper coaching.


So what am i missing in regards that you both say it is not available. we are cutting over next w/e and iwas really hoping to use this.


Thank you



I guess you are confusing two features here. The above discussion was for the agent whisper feature in Contact center environment which is as described below:

"Whisper Announcement plays a brief, prerecorded message to an agent just before the agent connects with each caller. The announcement plays only to the agent; the caller hears ringing (based on existing ring tone patterns) while the announcement plays."

This feature is natively available only on UCCE and not on UCCX. The feature Whisper Coaching which as you described is in conjunction with silent monitoring feature and this is readily available when you just configure silent monitoring in CUCM 11.5.

Hope this clarifies.

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Ohhh, ok then. Only available on enterprise. to bad nice feature. appreciate the clarification. I would think/hope that it would be offered on both.



I agree with Jonathan that this is a poor replacement for a true whisper feature. Cisco just needs to implement the real thing for callbacks. Why does UCCE get all the fun? ;)


I am missing something with the script, when I try to place the call to the agent I am failing.  I get the correct extension from the get user info step, but on the next step to place the call I am unable and get unsuccessful.  I cannot figure out what is missing to place the call.


Hi there


Just curious if you could share a snippet of your script. If you are successful fetching the extension and the failure in Place call might be related to your Call Control Group in the place call, Make sure its inline with the Call Control Group ID the one you use for calls


Hope this Helps

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Hi Deepak, Can you provide a sample script to achieve this please?




It's basically this setup



User agent_selected = null
String agent_extension = ""
Contact agent_whisper = null
String csq_primary = "CSQNameHere"


/* Be sure to set Connect to No and to set the Resource Selected to agent_selected */
Select Resource (--Triggering Contact-- from csq_primary) Selected agent_extension = Get User Info (agent_selected, Agent Extension)
/* Select correct values for CCG ID and Dialog ID */
/* See Subsystem/CM Telephony/CCG and Subsystem/Cisco Media respectively */ On Exception (ContactInactiveException) Goto Whisper Done agent_whisper = Place Call (to agent_extension) Successful Play Prompt (agent_whisper, p[your-whisper-file.wav]) Terminate (agent_whisper) NoAnswer Busy Invalid NoResource Unsuccessful Whisper Done: Clear Exception (ContactInactiveException) Connect (--Triggering Contact-- to agent_selected) Connected End Failed ...handle failed transfers here... Queued ...handle normal queue stuff here...

Note that your CCG ID does not have to be an outbound CCG.  In fact, it might make the most sense to select the same CCG as the inbound call.






EDIT: Added screenshot, and refactored sample code to match screenshot


OK thanks very much. I'll give that a go.



Hi Jonathan, can you provide a screen shot of the script please?

Many Thanks


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