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Can we take UCCX7.0 Backup and to Restore on fresh install of UCCX8.5(1)

                   Hi there,

We are doing fresh install of UCCX8.5(1) on Virtual Server ESXi 4.1. Currently client is running UCCX 7.0 on physical servers not VM as well as Call Manager.  Can i backup the existing data including historic reporting and restore on UCCX8.5(1) as it is on ESXi 4.1 server. As PUT did not help as Call Manager is also on ESXi 4.1 virtual server, PUT did not give any option to point to new Call Manager.

Any easy way please send me step y step or detail doc. Thanks


As ip address of new Call manager is different then old one.

Hi Hafiz,

When you take the backup of the UCCX 7.x system using PUT tool, it takes backup of the entire UCCX system including all the config data (CUCM ip, JTAPI\RmCM, CTI Ports, Route points...etc), Historical data, Scripts,grammars, prompts...etc.

When you use this backup file and restore it on the UCCX 8.5, it checks\validates the CUCM's ip addres\ JTAPI and RmCm app users...etc.

You need to keep your CUCM ip address as it is while performing this UCCX upgrade.

Hope it helps.


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We are doing fresh install and we change the ip address!!

Is there any way we point out the PUT to the new box of CM with new ip address?

Any way to backup and restore from different ip address of uccx and cucm box to different uccx and cucm??

Hi Hafiz,

Backup and Restore works only when you maintain the sam ip address and the same version.

As part of the UCCX upgrade you can not point it to new CUCM ip.

But on the existing UCCX 7.x system you can perform the Change CUCM cluster operation to point it to new CUCM ip,

You can refer the section "Modifying Cluster Information from Unified CCX"  from page 71 onwards in the below link,

Make sure that the CUCM and UCCX versions are compatible to make the calls go through.

Once this operation is successful you can do the UCCX upgrade using the windows to Linux upgrade method.

Hope this helps.


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