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Cannot Delete "New Folder" and "New Folder 1" from Script Repository

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Good Evening,

I've noticed a series of numerically titled "New Folder"s in the Script Repository of UCCX 8.5.  The creator is Null and last update date 01/01/1970  quite clearly these have been orphaned in the database.  However when I try to rename or delete these directories I just get an error message saying operation failed.

As this is a development server I've restarted the UCCX Engine Service and have stretched as far as rebooting the whole server, however these DB entries are still present.

Any suggestions for how to remove them?  I considered using the CLI run sql command but don't know anything about the backend DB structure and don't really want to 'play'.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.



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Gergely Szabo
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VIP Alumni


what is the UCCX version? 8.5?


Hi Gergely,

The full UCCX version is



Hi, can you do utils uccx database dbserver integrity and then post the logs - two files should be generated.


Thanks for the reply.  I have executed the commands but can't find where the files are to download via RTMT.  Can you confirm which file collection parameters I need?



forget RTMT, all you need is an SFTP server.

admin:file get activelog uccx/cli/Db*.txt

Please wait while the system is gathering files info ...done.

Sub-directories were not traversed.

Number of files affected: 4

Total size in Bytes: 15460

Total size in Kbytes: 15.097656

Would you like to proceed [y/n]? y

SFTP server IP:

SFTP server port [22]:

User ID: greg

Password: ****************

Download directory: /tmp


Transfer completed.


It will download all the files generated by the above mentioned command to the SFTP server's /tmp directory.


Perfect thank you.  I have attached the files to the first post in this thread.

Much appreciated.


there's nothing suspicious in the logs, I am afraid.

Do you have any idea how those folders appeared there?


I think it was the Script Editor.  I made the mistake of clicking the new folder icon in script editor.  Which promptly didn't do anything.  So I clicked it again, still nothing.

So when I logged onto the UCCX Server I found that folders had been created but seemed to immeditely become corrupt in the database.

Wow. You must be a wizard, then. :-)

I tried to replicate this issue, but I am not able to.

If I log in regularly with CCX Editor and create multiple "New Folders", they show up correctly, with my user, and I am able to delete them using the UCCX admin webpage.

However, if I log in anonymously with CCX Editor, it gives me read only access only, so I am not able to create a new directory, its button is greyed out.

Do you remember which login you used when creating these folders?


It will have been authenticated, I never log in anonymously.

If it helps some icons on the Script Editor are missing (see the attached image).  However, all functionality of the editor is working.


Okay, I give up. I have no idea what this could be. Actually, I kind of think there's something around the strange behaviour of the CCX Editor.

You mentioned this is an upgraded system ( - did you install the CCX Editor after or before the upgrade?


I think the script editor will have been for the previous version of CCX (will have been 8.5 and not 8.5.1) but I can't remember as the update took place quite a while ago.

I've just removed the script editor/java and reinstalled from the plugins directory on UCCX.  The missing icons are still missing so seems to be a bug with Windows 7 / script editor.

Looks like I'll have to raise a TAC case, see if they can remove the orphaned script directories from the database.

Thanks for your help.

Ran into the same problem trying to create a new folder in the Script Editor. The way to delete the unwanted "New Folder" and "New Folder1" is to go to the CCX GUI admin interface and under Applications > Script Management > delete the unwanted folders.

Then to create a new folder that you can name, on the same page click the "Create New Folder" and name it correctly.

The unwanted "New Folder" and "New Folder1" appears because you are trying to create them in the CCX Script Editor, you should always create them in the CCX GUI admin, then they will appear in the Script Repository exactly as you want them and correctly named.

I've got the same issue with UCCX 10.x. It's truly amazing how Cisco keeps reproducing the old bugs from one major version to another in their UC products. 

Kind regards, Andrew C.
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