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Carry Data from Finesse transfer to ICM




We need to carry data on the cisco finesse to icm,



for example, the scenario is an incoming call to IVR then the agent answers calls, the next action agent wants forward to other IVR as self-service change pin but we need to carry data like call variable 10 on finesse to next icm.


it's possible if I need to carry data as a scenario above because we need value for the trigger in the next IVR as self service?


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This happens automatically. In your case, PV10 with PC (or whatever the value is), will be carried over if the agent transfer the call to another ICM script. Is that what you're asking?

Hi @bill.king1 yes like that i mean, the data on pv 10 carried over if agent transfer to another call. It's possible?

Yes, it happens all of the time. The key is for original agent to transfer the call back to UCCE/ICM which delivers call to 2nd agent/queue. If agent transfers the call directly to another agent, like to their extension, it will not carry over.

Hi @bill.king1 before we used external voice dialed number the data can't work for carry over to other ivr buat after we used the jnternal voice dialed number the data can carry over.


So why if used the external voice dialed number the data is blank?? You had any experience about it

How would an external number be able to carry over the data vs. an internal number where the data is carried over?

HI @bill.king1 

this the dialed number I mentioned before, if we use the internal number for the next IVR data on peripheral can carry over, but if we use the external dialed number the data not working for carrying over. 


Call 1: Working

=external number (77700) ---> CVP ---> ICM ---> CVP (application name:bankA) ---> Agent

= (forward) Agent dials Number ---> Called : 2221 ---> CTI RP(ICM) ----> CUCM ----> CVP ---> VXML Apps : CreatePINCC ==


Call 2: Not working

=external number (77700) ---> CVP ---> ICM ---> CVP (application name:bankA) ---> Agent

= (forward) Agent dials Number ---> Called : 77704 ---> CUCM ---> CVP ----> VXML Apps : CreatePINCC ==



The external number is used for calls routing from the PSTN to come into PCCE. So I assume you transferring a call to that external number is being treated as a new external all and it has no data attached. If you look at the TCD and check the routerCallKey I suspect in the external example it's a new RCK and in the internal example it's the same RCK.



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