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CCB disconnecting after 4 hours




I'm trying to work on a scheduled call back by modifying how the current preemptive feature works. in my lab setup the call flow goes like this:

Call manager--->voice gateway--->cvp call server--->VRU PG--> Router   (CVP and ICM version 10.5)

A preemptive call works perfectly, a scheduled call for less than 4 hours also has no issues.

the problem is, if the call is scheduled after 7 hours from the time of the customer call, the sip and vxml sessions both disconnect after 4 hours exactly.

i'm seeing the following errors during our testing:

in CVP error log: 

174: Feb 09 2015 21:00:40.544 -0500: %CVP_10_5_IVR-3-CALL_ERROR:  RunScript Error from [UNKNOWN_ERROR(34)] CALLGUID: 29C1588000010000000004134D0F10AC DNIS=1111111111113 {VRUScriptName: 'GS,Server,V,nointerrupt' ConfigParam: ''} [id:3023] 
177: Feb 09 2015 21:00:45.551 -0500: %CVP_10_5_IVR-3-CALL_TIMED_OUT:  Removing CALLGUID: 29C1588000010000000004134D0F10AC Timed out waiting for instructions from ICM Subsystem. (Client:, Timeout: 5s) HTTP req: { CALL_ID=29C1588000010000000004134D0F10AC, ERROR_CODE=UNKNOWN_ERROR(34), MSG_TYPE=CALL_RESULT, CALL_SEQ_NUM=2 } [id:3015] 
182: Feb 09 2015 21:01:01.744 -0500: %CVP_10_5_IVR-3-CALL_ERROR:  RunScript Error from [UNKNOWN_ERROR(34)] CALLGUID: 42CA098000010000000004154D0F10AC DNIS=1111111111114 {VRUScriptName: 'GS,Server,V,nointerrupt' ConfigParam: ''} [id:3023] 
185: Feb 09 2015 21:01:06.752 -0500: %CVP_10_5_IVR-3-CALL_TIMED_OUT:  Removing CALLGUID: 42CA098000010000000004154D0F10AC Timed out waiting for instructions from ICM Subsystem. (Client:, Timeout: 5s) HTTP req: { MSG_TYPE=CALL_RESULT, ERROR_CODE=UNKNOWN_ERROR(34), CALL_ID=42CA098000010000000004154D0F10AC, CALL_SEQ_NUM=2 } [id:3015] 



in the CallbackWait application log:


In CallbackWait error log:,02/09/2015 21:00:56.674,A VoiceXML error occurred of type "",02/09/2015 21:00:56.674,An error has occurred.



I have set the sip header to be:

min-se 86400 session-expires 86400



I have checked all the timeouts on the voice gateways, CVP and ICM and could not find 4 hours anywhere.



Any help/input would be appreciated regarding this issue.




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The error encountered because ICM didn't get any response for the Run External Script. Check the timeout option configured for the Run External Script.


You can also refer below doc.

Check for section How to configure a CVP Network VRU script.


Please rate if you find useful.




Hello Sadashiv,

Thank you for your post, but this run external script is uninterruptible, the timeout on that external script is set to 9000s which does not match the 4 hours (14400) the time it takes for the SIP and VXML sessions to disconnect. Could it be that ICM has a global config for that timeout?


Let me know your thoughts. 

Hi Fabien_Damien,

   I know this is an old post. But I am encountering the same issue/ did you find any timeout setting or the cause of that error/



Hello Navreena,

that timeout is configured on the CVP reporting server, it is Embedded in its database, i was not able to modify it, i don't know if you can... if you are trying to do scheduled callback think of another way to do it  ;)

Thank you Fabien_Damien for quick response. It is strange that the setting is in reporting server. Any idea what is the setting called? Why would reporting server has a timeout setting? so it is not VXML-SIP session disconnect?

In my case, it is ending after 96 min.

Thx once again,


because the callback algortithm is run in the CVP reporting server...that timeout is hardcoded in their application server i suppose, you cannot change it from the OPS console... i tried modifying both the SIP and VXML timeouts but the call was still disconnecting. as you mentioned timeout is 96 min mine was different, and each time you get a different timeout... so for sure it is not the SIP nor the VXML timeouts that are disconnecting the call...

We are experiencing this same issue - did you ever find a resolution?

Many thanks!

Not sure if you are still looking for the answer. As per SRND CCB is not supported if wait time is more that 90 min and the reason for that is because handoff.tcl file. Cisco does not support editing the tcl file. We had opened TAC case also, there is no solution of going it more than 90 min.

Jameson Gagnepain
Rising star
Rising star

On your ICM Router, what is the following registry key set to?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\[instance name]\RouterA\Router\CurrentVersion\Configuration\Queuing\MaxTimeInQueue

Also, does anything show in the Router Log Viewer?



Hello Jameson,

it is configured to be 3600. Nothing is showing in router log viewer.

I beleive that the timeout is coming from the VXML server, since after capturing packets with wireshark on the CVP server i'm getting an Apache 500 internal server error.


Let me know your thoughts.


Note that in case of CCB the call is not queued when CVP is waiting to call the customer back. So any other timeout you could think of on the router or anywhere else  that might have the above mentioned value? (4 hours)


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