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CCX CAD "cannot log in because the phone is IPV6-enabled" No mobility.




After upgrade from CM 8.6.1 and CCX 8.5.1000XX the CAD would not login. Mobility is not enabled.

After reading the blogs changed the phone profile to IPV4 only and reset all  the phone.

This fixed most of the phones but one would not work. Phone is associated with the user.

WinXP IPV4 only.

Associated user to the phone seems to have fixed it for now.

Has anyone else seen this? Especially without mobility? Seems like the bug CSCti18636 is back and spreading.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Hello Chris,

I have the exact same problem with the same versions of CUCM and UCCX. We are not using extension mobility for the agents (the phones are however enabled for EM).

We receive the ipv6 error message on CAD. When we force the phones to use IPv4 only (from the common configuration profile) and reset them, it works back.

At this time, we don't have phones where this workaround does not work.

The workaround for the bugID CSCtk00173 is inefficient because the CRS Engine was already restarted several times after the upgrade from 8.0.

Both bugs seem fixed in the current versions we are running, is there another root cause?

So, are you still experiencing the issue after removing IPv6?


Hi Chris,

Actually since IPv4 only is set, it works. But for me this is a workaround. There is no reason to not being able to use CAD when the setting is "IPv4 and IPv6" because there is at least IPv4 which is compatible. So I suppose there is still the bug in the latest version.

What exact version are you using?  Is it listed as one of the releases these bugs are  resolved in?

Do you require IPv6?  I realize it's just a workaround, but if you are not using IPv6 it's a pretty easy fix to simply remove it.





like Douglas the author of this thread. These versions are the latest ones.

You are right, I don't need IPv6 at this time in the LAN of my end customer. So forcing IPv4 is a stable workaround. But I was looking for additional comment about this limitation. It does not seem to be documented somewhere and for me, it's still an unfixed bug.

This was supposed to be fixed in 8.5, but apparently not

-The other step which can be done is to restart the BIPPA service from appadmin>serviceability screen

-Later reset the phone and keep testing on other systems



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