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Ask Me Anything - October 2020


ccx agent does not answer the call and his status stays in reserverd state

I have a script, where script places a call to agent, it plays prompt (wishper)  and then makes another call to same agent to connect the caller. In this setup, when agent does not answer the call, his state is stuck in RESERVED state and caller is moved to queued section forever. How do I ensure if agent does not answer the call, script releases that agent and waits for say 15sec before trying the agent again.


contact center, Unified Communications


If you remove the call hold step, what happens?


Looking at your script I don't think things will work the way you want them to because you can only deal with one call. It looks like you're trying to park the incoming call, then make an outgoing call, then connect both parties. Are you calling them to try and notify them that a call is in queue?


Once an agent is selected, I am placing a call to the agent for,

a) Alerting the agent with a customer prompt name

b) Then, the agent will get another call to connect to the customer.


I think if agent status is "ready" it meant they are available to take the call. Can't ignore/miss the call for whatever reason. But then how to ensure that agent gets the call again? Right now issue is his status is stuck at RESERVED



Yup. When the agent is in a RESERVED state, their agent line should be ringing. The call needs to be answered. Once the prompt plays, the terminate step will end the prompt playing call. The system will then place the agent back in a RESERVED state and the agent line will ring again, and the agent will need to answer the second call. The second call is connecting the call contact to the agent/user resource from the SELECT RESOURCE step. The additional HOLD steps you have in your original script are not necessary because system CTI processes have already placed the caller in a HOLD state as part of the normal process from SELECTED branch to the CONNECT RESOURCE steps.
Hope this helps.

I've done this before in the past.  It is a bit tricky. 


This is what I did to get it to work. 

There are Pros/Cons in attempting to deliver "Whisper" tone/prompts with this method. 

Hope this helps.



VIP Mentor

I haven't tested this out, but it would be my guess that, if you reserve an Agent with the Select Resource step, the only way to "unreserve" them, is to send the call to them, and let that timeout.

Therefore, if you want to retry an unanswered whisper, you could simply put a loop/counter in place with a delay step in there and just try the whisper again. Regardless of how many times you loop/attempt the whisper, you'll need to use the Connect step to free that Agent and go to the next available Agent. Granted, you can reasonably expect that the Agent will not answer the actual call if they are not already answering the whisper, so maybe use a variable connection timeout in the Connect step to set it to the lowest possible value, or just a separate Connect step all together. This way, you can ring their phone like 1 time, and move on.



Find an Agent:
Select Resource
    Get User Info (Extension from User ID)
    Place Call
        Play Prompt (Whisper)
Set connect_timeout = 18
Goto Connect to Agent NoAnswer Set connect_timeout = 1 Goto Connect to Agent
All Other Failures
Set connect_timeout = 18
Goto Connect to Agent
Connect to Agent: Connect (User ID, connect_timeout) Connected End Failed Goto Find an Agent Queued Queue Loop: Play Prompt (thank you for waiting) Goto Queue Loop
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