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CCX CTI Protocol - Agent state is always "Unknown" in agent mode


I have built a client that uses the UCCX CTI Protocol 10.5. The CTI client application can successfully connect to UCCX in bridge mode and correctly receive all call and state events.

However, when trying connect to UCCX via the CTI  protocol in agent mode, then we keep on getting an OPEN_CONF response in which the agent is in "Unknown" state (code 9). .

In order to start the application in agent mode, the application sends an OPEN_REQ message after the connection has been established. The parameters that are passed to OPEN_REQ are:

Version Number = 14    (the version for UCCX 10.5 is 14)         

Idle Timeout = 110        

Services Requested =   0x1    (set to agent mode)

CallMsgMask = 0x0           (receive no unsolicited events)

AgentMsgMask =  0x1FF   (receive all agent events)

ConfigMsgMask = 0x0        (receive no config events)

AgentExtension = 4000

AgentID =             jsmith

If we use a username that does not exist, then I get the same issue in which the agent state is "Unknown". Could it be that the username, must be passed in a different form? The username we are passing is exactly the same that the agents use to log into Finesse.

Or could the issue be some configuration that might be needed in UCCX in order to allow agent mode? I have read the "Cisco Unified Contact Center Express CTI Developer Guide Release 10.5(1)" but could not find anything mentioned there that would say that special configuration might be required.

I also tried running the sample Cisco CTI protocol that was written in C++. The same issue with the "Unknown" agent state also happens.

Please let me know if you have any ideas what could be causing the "Unknown" state for the agents in agent mode.



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Could you check if the IP phone is already associated or the information is not consistent? That could be an issue.