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CCX - Filter for Get Digits doesn't seem to work

I have used a get digit string, with digits filter allowing 1-5 and *.  The timeout branch plays the menu again, and if it times out again puts the caller through to an agent (required by the customer in case caller doesn't have a touch-tone phone!).  This and all the valid options work fine.  However if I enter an invalid digit, eg 9, the script treats the call as if no digits were entered.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

What do you have set for "Unsuccessful" I have not filtered specific digits but my understanding is it supposed to tell you the digit entered is invalid and / or send you down the Unsuccessful path.

Hi Mike.  Apologies for delay - our mail system failed to deliver my reply.

There are no conditions set for “unsuccessful” – see attached.  Thanks, Joanne



ok, i put this into my UCCX and ran it. When I press "9", I am given a message that the entered number is invalid. On yours, does it not even recognize the digit and proceed to the Timeout path?

When I press 9 it goes straight to an agent, no prompts played at all, so it skips the increment bit too.  (We have UCCE, not UCCX)

Can you go to the General Properties and make sure its set to not interruptable.

Also, if you are on UCCE, why are you using the CCX script editor instead of the ICM Script?

It wasn't, but I've changed it and it made no difference.

I'm starting to think our system may not be set up very well!  This is how I was taught to do it.  I have looked at the "collect data" and "play" nodes within UCCE, but could never get them to work, so we always use "run external script" for these.

I've fixed it for now by copying the timeout branch with different prompts.  It seems the system prompts telling you've chosen an invalid option are missing.

Thanks for your help!

interesting, glad it is fixed. I am not sure on the error messages now that you say you are just running an ext script from CCE. Not sure how they handle the error prompts as the ones I have and hear are built into UCCX.
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