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CCX Intigration with 3rd party CRM

What options do I have when I use CCX Enhanced vs Premium?

A customer I'm working with is using ACT by Sage today, but is looking to

They dont need all the enhancements included with Premium, so I want to keep them at Enhanced, but, what functionality is included with each license type?

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CCX Intigration with 3rd party CRM

Hi Quinton Parke-Thomas,

Please refer the

Table 2.

Feature Availability for Cisco  Unified Contact Center Express 8.5 with Cisco Unified Communications  Manager 8.5, 8.0(3), 8.0(2).

in the below link,

Hope it helps.


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CCX Intigration with 3rd party CRM

well, i have read through that document, but what it doesnt say, is wether the funtionality is included with enhanced or premium licenseing. Here is what I read that confuses me, and is why im asking:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express offers  call-routing behaviors based on conditional events, such as time of day,  day of week, or holiday routing, as well as the ability to specify  service levels, move contacts between agent groups, and reprioritize  contacts in the queue based on your business rules. With Cisco Unified  Contact Center Express Premium, product integration with your  enterprise's customer database can help ensure that the optimal routing  decisions are made. In addition, the application can give agents  extensive information on a per-contact basis through a  customer-relationship-management (CRM) or other application screen pop.

This says to me that premium is needed, however, at teh end, it says that there is screen pop included. So, what functions do you get with each license type?

Even the document about cisco agent desktop lists some functionality is included with each, but I'm not understanding what you can do with these. Can you do things call pop, or a macro to fill in customer information into a screen in salesforce or ACT?

Cisco Agent Desktop and Work Flow and Enterprise Application Integration (Enhanced and Premium)

Cisco  Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Enhanced and  Premium integrates easily with third-party applications with minimal or  no custom software development. Integration is achieved using a powerful  real-time programmable CTI work-flow engine that monitors call and  agent state events and data, evaluates associated rules, and initiates  actions when those rules are met. For example, consider the following  example work flow:

Step 1. A call is received by Cisco Unified Contact Center Express.

Step 2. Call data is collected and delivered by Cisco Unified Contact Center Express to Cisco Agent Desktop. 

Step 3. Cisco Agent Desktop uses call data to execute one or more work-flow  actions to a third-party customer-relationship-management (CRM) system. 

Step 4. The CRM system retrieves the customer-specific records or data and  performs a screen pop to display information to the agent before the  agent answers the call.

Integration actions that can be performed in step 3 include the following:

• Web integration action (Premium): Integration with applications accessible from the integrated browser

•  Launch external application action: Integration that starts custom or  standard Windows applications on agent's PC and passes data to it.

•  Interprocess communication action (Premium): Integration that allows  applications to communicate and coordinate their execution by passing  information embedded in User Datagram Protocol (UDP) messages

•  Keystroke macro action: Integration with applications on the agent's PC  that automates the steps for repeatable, recurring actions between  Cisco Agent Desktop and Windows rich-client applications


CCX Intigration with 3rd party CRM

Ok. The first document you qouted is referring to the IVR engine and what it is capable of. With an Enhanced license you have no ability to interact with off-box servers (e.g. ODBC or SOAP calls). The Enhanced license is limited to reading static XML files located on the CCX server itself. When they make reference to "optimal routing decisions" they mean decide where, or at what priority to route a call based on what you found in the database/web service. The downstream consiquence of this is that with an Enhanced license you cannot validate any user input (e.g. account number) so even if you pass it to CAD for a screen pop (more on that in a moment) it may be invalid.

The second document quote is talking about what you can do in CAD with whatever information you got during IVR treatment. The Enhanced license lets you do keystroke macros or launching an external program (including limited passing of variables such as C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe ). With a Premium license you can use inter-process communication UDP packets to a loopback address or use the built-in tabbed browser of CAD.

My advise to you is this: Always sell Premium. You almost always regret an Enhanced sale sometime down the road.

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