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Change ANI


I work with IPCC enterprise (ICM ver 4.6.2) and i need to change the ANI when call arrived to other unique ID and forward this call with the new ANI.

How i change this parameter at Script editor if i can?

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Use set variable and set call.ANI to whatever you want that to be.

At SET node when choose "call" there are no variable named "DialedNumberString".


Sorry about that. It does look like ANI, DNIS and DialedNumberString cannot be changed. But it can be changed on the CTIOS desktop side easily if you are into VB programming.

Or just store the new ANI/CallerID into a peripheralVariable and then display that PeripheralVariable instead of the ANI field. That is even easier. All you have to do is change the fields in the call appearance grid

I need to change the ANI and forward this variable via CallManager to Other system.

At the CallManager we work with H.323 and at the oter system we work with QSIG, so at the middle between CallManager and the other system we install Router that translate between H.323 and QSIG.

As far as i know there are only few parameters that work at this two protocols and one of them is ANI.

Maybe you familiar other parameter that can be configured at ICM?

Don't know about protocols. One way to do it at ICM scripting level is to write a APP Gateway to change the ANI. That is the only way that I can think of. Did you open up a TAC case to see what cisco's response is on this?

Hi. Sorry to disturb you, but I'm going to deploy a solution like yours and I'm in troubles to develop a good configuration for the Router which should 'translate' QSIG into H.323. From the post I read that you did it. Can you PLEASE send me a configuration example? I'll really appreciate that... thank'you.



Mario, at my solution we work finally with cisco router 2651. I'm put inside the router (at flash) TCL script that take the string received in H323 leg and made some modification before the output string goes to GSIG leg. I'm write 2 TCL scripts and each script belongs to specific dial-peer.

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