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Changes to Agent Extension lenght

Level 6
Level 6

We have the agent set to 10 digits as confirmed by the regedit setting as below


"AgentExtensionLength" on PG in registry, i

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems,Inc.\ICM\\\PG\CurrentVersion\PIMS\pim<>\EAGENTData\Config



We are looking to use E164 numbers so the digit length needs  to increase to 12 , what is the impact in doing this ? Does the PG need to be rebooted, Is it a "live" change - no impact to users, no reboot required?




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You didn't mention what version you're on, but there are caveats such as what are mentioned here.


In addition, you mentioned the PG but there are other things you're going to have to update as well, so presuming you're looking to make this and all of these other changes and test during a maintenance window?

Hi bill



Thanks for the reply 


We are running ucce 11.0


We deploying DN as e164 but not full e164

So we are using 44203555xxxx


Would we need to reboot the pg, we will do it in maintenance window but neee to understand any impact?



I've not changed it in a live environment, but I would imagine Cisco would recommend you at least cycle services on the PG (unless it is one of the dynamic values).

But you'd likely (depending on how you're doing this) want to do it in a maintenance window anyway, as how are you adjusting the agent extensions in UCM. Are you creating new one/vs. trying to update current ones? Are all agents logged out of the phones? Have you adjusted things like CCE targeting rules/CVP route patterns/gateway dial peers if applicable to account for the new ranges?

Hi bill



Thanks again 


The requirement is for new agents, existing agents are 10 but new agents will be 12 digits long


Our CVP dial patterns are the normal sigdight prefix followed by say 222> as wide card


The Dnp will point to cucm so as long as we have wild card  the route in cucm I think we should be ok


Any other pointers? 


Others to consider are agent targeting rules, gateways configuration of dial peers, among others.

I would approach it like it is a fresh install as far as normal configuration steps you'd do to make sure you cover everything. If you're using outbound option there will be some additional steps. Also, not sure if you allow agents to call each other directly (hopefully not), but how will you handle that from a UCM perspective (i.e. do the agent extensions have completely different ranges).