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Changing CCMP 11.6 ES 10 Identity server domain after install?

We've got a client who upgraded from CCMP 10.5 to 11.6.  Amazingly enough everything went smooth, and only took a little updating of the SQL accounts to get everything up and running.  We went from an all in one, to a one sided web server, database solution in their lab.  This is in preparation of doing Prod later this year.


After everything was up and running, the client hit us with this fun request.   They wanted to change the domains that web servers use.  Instead of using, they want to user  While I've been able to change the URL for the login page to https://<servername>, when the user clicks "agree", there is a 404 error, and URL for the Identity server is https://<servername>  

Is there a way to change the Identity server to use the same domain as the Portal?  They are both hosted on the same server, and I don't see anything in IIS, or the Identity server that can change that address.  

I know that the client could change DNS, or update a record, but they have some logic behind their madness, and not sharing it with me. 

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