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Chat for CAD in CCX 8.5


Hi everyone,

I installed ccx 8.5 but now i need configure chat for agents, for instance:

agents should only chat with supervisors or supervisor with agents, not agents with other agents. I have tried to figure out some information, but until now i haven´t found any about that.

I appreciate any comments.

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You cannot configure the option for Agents not to chat with each other.  As a work around, you could remove the chat button from all CAD clients, this way, only Supervisors can initiate a chat with them.

If you saw a demo of a "buddy list," then you probably saw UCCX integrated with CUPS, in which case, you can configure groups of SME's and assign them to teams.  Also, if an Agent logs out of CAD, and then into CUPC, they can build their own personal contacts, so when they sign back into CAD, they see that list as well.

Anthony, thanks for your reply.

I need to solve the mentioned request, it means:

chatting for:

supervisor -> agents

agents-> supervisor

not agent to agents

I tried to configure task button with a utility action and high priority chat but it doesn´t reach that i want.

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