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Choosing the correct IPCC Express 3.5 version


I'm having some problems understanding the correct version of IPCC Express I should choose for my requirements.


- I don’t need full IVR functionality such as database integration, http triggers, …

- I need advanced ACD functionality such as skills based routing, callback routing…

- I need to develop a custom tailored Agent Desktop application with call control functionality, screen pop with customer data from a already existing database, agent state control…

- I need to integrate Outbound campaign management

- I need to integrate Email Manager and Web Collaboration

In the manual Cisco IPCC Express Solution Reference Network Design it says that the IPCC Express already contains IVR functionality included. This means that I don’t Cisco IP IVR?

Thanks for anyone who can help me.

José Lopes

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Jose -

IPCC Express can offer Email Manager and Web Collaboration intergration. However, it does not offer a true universal queue as an agent can only do one task at a time.

IPCC Express does not offer integration to Cisco Outbound option.

IPCC Express also does not offer a custom tailored agent desktop application with call control functionality.

It seems you should looke at IPCC Enterprise 6.0 for all of the features you mentioned.

Good luck!


Regarding your response,

- Do you mean that an agent or is logged to responde to emails or to respond to phones?

- There is no Cisco Outbound option to use? If yes what could be the alternative?

Regarding the IP IVR does the IP Express contain IVR functionality or do I need to buy the IP IVR otion?

Many thanks



IPCC Express Premium aka Enhanced ICD plus CTI Ports gives you all of the features associated with ICD Enhanced plus the IVR capabilities.When you want the IVR capabilities with Enhanced, you must purchase the desired number of IVR Port options.

Please refer the below URL which describes the Cisco IPCC Express features and specifications

Also take a look at the below datasheets for IPCC Express - Standard, Enhanced & Premium

Refer the section "Features Available with Each Product Package" from the below release notes

Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.




Sorry to insist,

Does it mean that I have to purchase IPCX Enhanced 3.5 plus IVR 3.1 or IPCX Enhanced 3.5 plus CTI option?

If IPCX Enhanced with CTI option is the correct configuration where can I find the CTI option? I’m using the configuration and ordering tool and I can’t find this option.

Another point, if choose not to use IVR advanced functionality, does the IPCX Standard 3.5 provide me all the basic IVR functionality without purchasing any more software, like IVR 3.1 ?

Thanks and Regards


Hi Jose,

IPCC Express Premium aka IPCCX Enhanced + CTI Option. In the configuration and ordering tool, you need to select IPCC Express Premium package.

The licensing has changed in IPCC Express Edition 3.5.

Please see the VOD "Cisco IPCC Express 3.5 New Packaging, Pricing, Licensing, and Ordering Model VoD" at

In most cases it will answer your questions. It also includes the new licensing model for IPCC Express 3.5.

For Q#2, Please refer the below URL which describes the supported features for IPCC Express Premium, Enhanced and Standard. If you are looking for skilled-based routing with other agents features like Silent Monitoring, Barge-in, Intercept, Recording, workflow automation, popping 3rd party application etc then you have to go for IPCCX Enhanced one. IPCCX Standard wont support the above features.

Hope it helps.




I don't have access to the first link.


Hi Jose,

If you need Enhanced ICD functionality + complete IVR functionality, you need to order IPCC Express Premium.

Hope the URLs specified in previous response specifies the features available with IPCC Express Standard. If your requirement suits the same, you can get IPCC Express standard license.



I don't have access to the first link. Can I have access to the doc?


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