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CIM - EIM 4.3.2 ES7 Custom Activity Data Attributes


Hi All,

Supposedly, you can't delete a custom attribute once it is created. I don't understand why this is and I am sure there is a way (semi kosher) around it. Anyone have an idea?

Secondly, still on the custom attribute... I can create a custom attribute that can be exposed to the user via a drop down (combo-box) by populating the list with the real values and the display text. I am reluctant to create one if I cannot at a later date modify the list. Can the list be updated once created?

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The reason why custom attributes are not allowed to be deleted is because DB tables are modified to create new columns and populated with data and hence deletion is more sensitive than creation, although a limitation an enhancement is needed to handle deletion.

Hi all,


Is this still the case? I'm currently only v9.02. It seems like deleting the custom attribute from GUI will not be done clearly at the DB level.


Is there any documentation on how to delete it cleanly?





hello njaka,

hello karthik,

i guess although you cannot delete a created attribute, but you can decide whether to show this attribute or no hide it from user side.

creating/deleting the attribute differs from showing/hiding this attribute from the user side.

i hope this help

Hi Folks,

OK. I understand (or rather I accept) that the custom attributes cannot be deleted. I have no problem with hiding them from the agents, though after a few years, it might get messy as improvements and enhancements are made (with phantom and useless attributes hanging around). My other question deals with modifying the attributes. If I implement an attribute that displays as a drop-down with, say 10 items, if I need to add or subtract items, do I need to create a new attribute with the new set of items, or can I modify thenumber of items?

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