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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Cisco Agent Error - 'A referral was returned from the server.'

Running agent on Windows 7.

I have one person that is having trouble launching the agent software.

They are getting a popup that says, 'A referral was returned from the server.'

As of yesterday they were having no issues.


So fare we have tried the following.

Rebooted computer.

Uninstalled / reintalled agent.


Nothing has worked so far.

Rising star

What happens if the

What happens if the application is ran as administrator? I doubt this user has that privilege, so what happens if someone with admin rights launches it? Could be a local policy


Run as admin gives same error

Run as admin gives same error.

Checked group policy already, and windows is allowed to elevate privledges for the applicaiton.

Going to reinstall windows next to see if that is a fix.

Cisco Employee

Hi all,I have Adam's case

Hi all,

I have Adam's case (afarabaugh) and the workaround is working. But it is interesting to note that this started on the same day for more than one customer. There are two things which come to mind:

--Certificate expired (ruled out for Adam's case)

--Microsoft released an OS update on that day?

@ke-mccormick: can you try setting the system clock on the PC to the day before the issue started? Let me know how that goes.

Any more information you can think of would help in isolating the issue.


Abhiram Kramadhati


The current workaround

The current workaround provided by Cisco is to migrate to  the location of the .exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Desktop\bin) and change compatibility to Windows XP (service pack 3) as well as check the box that says "run this program as an administrator". 

Ideally, this isnt the solution because users would have to be local admin's to their PC's. 

Hopefully we can get a solution to the root cause of the problem. Our's started just yesterday 

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