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Cisco CCB - Error returned from probe in CallBackEntry app

Hi All,

We are deploying the cisco courtesy callback feature in the LAB and experencing some error in the callbackentry application. hereby attaching the callbackentry application activity/debug logs and gateway logs. Kindly let me know your inputs

Error:,01/29/2014 09:56:04.596,Validate_01,element,warning,addXmlBody - Error returned from probe


  1. Ingress/Egress/VXML are colocated ((C3845-SPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M6) -- IP Addr:
  2. Calls been orginated from PSTN
  3. All the UCCE component with the version 9.X

Gateway Configuration:

dial-peer voice 6 pots

service ccbsurvive

incoming called-number .T


dial-peer voice 555 voip

description ***to CVP *****

destination-pattern 5...

signaling forward unconditional

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:

voice-class sip profiles 103

dtmf-relay rtp-nte h245-signal h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad

voice class sip-profiles 103

request INVITE sip-header Call-Info add "X-Cisco-CCBProbe:id:;loc:lab;trunks:4"

service ccbsurvive flash:survivability.tcl

  paramspace english language en

  paramspace english index 0

  paramspace english location flash

  paramspace english prefix en

  paramspace english english en

  param ccb id:;loc:lab;trunks:4


service cvp_cc flash:cvp_ccb_vxml.tcl


vxml audioerror

vxml version 2.0

CVP Configuration:

Reporting Server is associated with the respective call server and checked its up and running

VG Logs: debug voice application vxml inout   output as follows

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//AFW_:/vtr_ev_handoff: event=CC_EV_CALL_HANDOFF, string=guid=C59452C187DB11E38145002699850BD0 type=probe

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//TCL :/tcl_InfotagObjCmd:  infotag get leg_proto_headers X-Cisco-CCBProbe 4967093

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//TCL :/tcl_InfotagGetObjCmd: infotag get leg_proto_headers X-Cisco-CCBProbe 4967093

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//AFW_:/vtr_lg_proto_headers: argc 4 argindex 2

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//TCL :/tcl_HandoffObjCmd:  handoff return 4967093 -s error

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//TCL :/tcl_HandoffReturnObjCmd: return 4967093 -s error

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//Tcl :/tcl_parseCallID_vartagObj: VARTAG Translation Leg Count=1

Jan 29 10:49:35.450: //4967093//TCL :/tcl_HandoffReturnObjCmd: Returning  Legs [4967093 ] with args=error

Jan 29 10:49:35.454: //4967093//AFW_:/vapp_bgpost: url= mime_type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded len=34 iov_base=call_outcome=error&audium_vxmlLog=

Jan 29 10:49:36.342: //4967093//AFW_:/vapp_bgpost: url= mime_type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded len=15 iov_base=audium_vxmlLog=

Jan 29 10:49:36.346: //4967093//AFW_:/vapp_bgload: url=

Jan 29 10:49:36.354: //4967093//AFW_:/vapp_bgload: url=

Jan 29 10:49:36.958: //4967093//AFW_:/vapp_bgpost: url= mime_type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded len=15 iov_base=audium_vxmlLog=

Jan 29 10:49:36.970: //4967093//AFW_:/vapp_media_play: prompt=

Frequent Contributor

Perhaps the attached article from Techzone will be helpful


Hi David, We don't have access to that intranet page of Cisco. Can you post that document as an attachment to this case?



I have attached the doc to my previous post.

Frequent Contributor

DevNet Developer Services does not provide lab configuration support, but rather supports CVP API for custom elements.

If you are a Cisco Partner you can utilize the resources of the PDI Helpdesk to assist you with your configuration.


Hello "02sep1985",

were you able to find a solution for your problem? i have the same setup, i have done the configuration recommended by dlender but still getting the error.

I would appreciate your feedback on that.

Thank you.