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Novriadi .

Cisco Contact Center Free Seating

Hi Folks

Is it possible to run a agent free seating concept with the following condition :

  • using UCCX 8.5 and CM 8.5
  • agent login with IPPA
  • supervisors have a map table with a number of extensions in each cubicle.
  • supervisors can dial a extension that mapped with each cubicle instead dial agent extension

currently we use Extension Mobility to support free seating concept, but when the agent login their EM the fixed extension that mapped to the cubicle cannot be dialed because the agent login EM that use another extension which associate to UCCX.

Is there any solution for above condition ? for example using PCCE or UCCE ?

because I'm new with PCCE or UCCE, is any one can explain the process login or associate agent extension with the phone DN ?


Leo Salcie Tejeda
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Hi Nov,

You want to share the same extension with different agent, am I right? That's not the default behaviour for UCCX/UCCX because for each agent need to use a extension number but what you can do is to create a General User for each cubicle and assing a unique extension number, then just give this credential to agent sitting at each place.



CUBICLE-100 (Ext. 100) : Agent1, Agent2

CUBICLE-101 (Ext. 101): Agent2, Agent3

I really don't like this way do manage agent because you won't be able to make historical report by Agent so will be diffcult to know who is falling on their duties.


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Hi Leo

sorry if my explanation is difficult to understand, I don't want to share same extension to different agent.

but our client want fixed DN that remain on IP Phone (Supervisor have hardcopy mapped DN with the cubicle), and can be called even the agent is free seating (changed based on shifting). We use EM for free seating agent but cannot fullfill the request of fixed DN on the IP Phone because the DN is become not active when the agent login EM.

How about PCCE or UCCE, or any idea for this requirement.

FYI, my client using AVAYA before CISCO, and this requirement is based on what has been running in Avaya .


Let me see if I understand what you're trying to do.

1. You have 3 cubicles and they have a fixed extension 1234, 1235, 1236.

2. Agent comes in to cubicle one and logs in to EM and IPPC so the extension of that cubicle changes to 2345.

Now, you want to allow the business to dial 1234 and ring extension 2345, correct?

I can't thik of a solution that UCCX or UCCE could provide for this, maybe if you develop some custom code which sits on the desktop and asks the agent to update their extension, this application updates some IVR script which has the cubicle to agent translation.  However, this doesn't sound easy to manage.  How about having two phones on each desk?  A cheap fixed phone and then the Cisco phone?


Hi David

Thanks for your response, actually only Supervisor need to dial to 1234 / 1235 / 1236. for inbound call center will only reach the CTI RP (on CCX).

for two phones on each desk is not visible solution because will change existing condition and agent behavior.


Hi - I might have a solution for you

we use "hot seating" in our organization.

The default "phone" profile has a fixed DN (extension) that, as you would say, is known by the supervisors.

Each AGENT, on whatever shift they work, has their own  DEVICE PROFILE.

This DEVICE PROFILE has their ICD Agent extension on the first line appearance

And the default phone profile extension on the 2nd line appearance

Thus the Agent can recieve UCCX calls on the 1st line (ICD extension)

and can be contacted by "external" persons on the "default" phone extension

Can also configure an extension with voice mail for them in same manner.

Hope this helps!


Hi George

Thanks for your response.

Have you test this solution ? because when i set the secondary line with the default phone profile extension. When the agent log in with different phone, the device profile with secondary set with the phone extension will move to that phone. And will different with Supervisor map extension (mapped with the cubicle agent).


OK - i think i understand what you are trying to do.

You allow your agents to sit in any available cubicle and log into UCCX.

Yes, that would be an issue.

In our environment, we hot seat, but the agent always sits in same location,

so the default phone extension remains with their device profile on that same phone.

I am now wondering why it is important for the supervisor to know the extension of the phone, vice the agent extension?

If they need to reach a particuar agent, you would want to call them on their extension; either UCCX or a private extension for the agent which would still be mapped on their device profile. The idea of knowing the extension for a cubicle and not knowing who might be sitting there does not seem to make a lot of sense to me.

IF you could explain the reason for the supervisor needing to be able to call into a particular cubicle - not knowing or caring who is sitting there, maybe that could help?

Since you are already using device profiles, you know that it replaces the default phone profile once the agent logs onto that phone. So, again, unless the agents use the same cubicle every time, mapping the default phone extension to their device[profile will not work if the agents move to a different cube, as the default phone extension would move with them.

And since UCCX must know the state of the phone the agent is using (regardless of what extensions are configured on the device profile) it also tracks when the agent is on a non-ICD (ACD) extension , so not to send calls to an agent who would not be ready to recieve a customer call.

the short answer -

no, you cannot maintain the default phone extensions in the cubicles if the agents can sit anywhere they please.

Sorry if that does not map to your requirements.


Hi George

Yes you're right, the agent is free to seat in any available cubicle.

what about Hot Desk terminology in UCCE, have you experience with UCCE ?

I read on UCCE SRND about agent mobility :


Within the Unified CCE deployment, the agent desktop application is not statically associated with any specific

agent or IP phone extension. Agents and phone extensions (device targets) are configured within the Unified

CCE configuration and associated with a specific Unified CM cluster.

When logging in from an agent desktop application, the agent is presented with a dialog box that prompts for

agent ID or login name, password, and the phone extension to be used for that session. At that time the agent

ID, phone extension, and agent desktop IP address are dynamically associated. The association is released

when the agent logs out.

This mechanism enables an agent to work (or hot-desk) at any workstation. It also enables agents to take their

laptops to any Cisco Unified IP Phone and log in from that device (assuming the phone has been configured

in Unified CCE and in Unified CM to be used in the Unified CCE deployment)."


If you don't need your agents to have a personal extension that follows them around, yes you could use UCCE hot seating. Basically the agent would log in to CTI OS providing their Agent ID and the phone they wish to log into. Nothing on the phone would change, but UCCE would route call center calls to the agent as usual.

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