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George Michaell

Cisco CVP comprehensive call Flow

Need some clarification for CVP comprehensive mode of deployment, i kind of remember that once i have repeatedly sent the call to SendtoVRU node and that caused some problems but I could not recall that issue which shows up if we use this node more that once.

Omar Deen

The problem could be a lot of different things, but it most likely has something to do with the VRU label. What could happen is that if you go through it twice, ICM will pick the Network VRU configured for the VRU label. In addition to that, you'll receive a new correlation ID from the Call Router. What could potentially happen is that the old VRU leg and the current VRU leg mesh and you now have this long DNIS, which will ultimately fail because of the max DNIS length rule.

That's just off the top of my head... perhaps others can chime in and provide their perspective. But it's best practice to set it one time at the beginning of your script and be done with it. 

Thanks for the response Omar.

I have tried that and no visible issue can be seen, like the call goes fine, everything works perfectly, but i do remember that it was strictly prohibited for some reason, i could not recall what it was.


The reason i am using it is that after first S2vru node then Q2Skillgroup node then there is a very long logic before the prmpt is triggered, due to this extreme delay due to logic, the RunEXT fails, so i was thinking to use a S2Vru node in between the logic to keep it alive.

I'm curious to know... what's the logic in the queue treatment? Is it just a lot of long winded prompts?

Yeah I'm curious to know what is causing the delay. Since you're in Q I would use a microapp which you can then set the timeout longer specifically for the "long" one.


As for the S2VRU, so I do recall something similar when CVP was first introduced (3.1 maybe?), but I do believe that's no longer the case. However, you really only need a single S2VRU as the RunExtScript is supposed to have an implied S2VRU too.



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