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Cisco desktop agent and MWI

Is there a way with Cisco Desktop agent to have a popup or an icon so if there are voicemails the agents will know they are there?



Not sure what you are asking for here?

If an agent has VM, then they should get the normal MWI/red light on the handsets.

If you are talking about VM for the 'queue' (i.e. a shared voicemail box), then I normally configure like so:

1) Create a line on the system (with a new, unused DN)

2) CFwdAll the line to Voicemail

3) When you send a call to VM for the queue, send it to the new line, which forwards to voicemail

4) Configure a VM box with the new line DN as it's extension

5) Configure the new DN as a second line on all the agent phones that you wish to receive notification.

Now, when a VM is left, the envelope icon on the VM line appears on the phone and the MWI can be lit so all users are aware of it.



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Great summary Aaron. I hadn't built a call center in some months and had the very same question today.

A 7961 with 6 lines can get filled up very quickly with a few standard lines like - agent ICD extension, queue VM, after hours VM, office backline and personal line.

If you are using Unity, you can also specify additional extensions that should receive MWI notifications. That way you'd save the cost of an extra line on the agent's phone (should that be an issue).



This is close to the scenerio I working on now. We only have 2 Line phone so we dont have anywhere to put a VM ext on it.

2-Line phone

- Personal Ext is Line 1

- Agent Ext is Line 2

We have a general VM box (ext 1999) set up for calls to go to during off hours. 1999 isnt on any phone. Since Line 2 (Agent Ext) doesnt have a VM box associated to it we would like to "Light and Prompt" to that 2nd Line when a message is in the general VM box (ext 1999).

Can you help describe the procedure?

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