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Cisco ECE Integration with CCE

Lee Santos

I have problem with Media Routing Domain for Chat, when I login with Skill Group for chat appear error: 

"Login was not successful to one or more Media routing Domains. Please contact our administrator for verification of agent configuration in Cisco and Unified CCE.List of failed Media Routing Domains -MRD_ECE_chat"

I have reviewed all my configuration Media Routing Domain, Media Classes and Application Path List, but the problem continues.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Is your agent able to login and receive emails and it is just chat, or an agent can't log into any ECE-related MRD?

Hi Bill, my problem it's only with chat for email working fine.

Hi Bill,

For chat Default entry point can not work . You have to create new entry point and pointing to your CIM queue .

Pa-department – service –Entry point


Create CIM chat point

Make sure entry point is on

Media routing domain should  be : CIM_WIM ( name will start CIM_xxx)

Check the application path list mapping




I create a new entry point, the media routing domain is called MRD_ECE_Chat and media class name ECE_Chat.

Into installation guide use the same names, but I have error when I use skillgroup for Chat

thanks for your help

Hi ,

 What is the version ?


Check the Work flow  CIM queue media routing domain and script selector .Also check user groups CIM WIM skill group name and media routing domain name


In my lab I changed CIM_WIM to lab_chat then I got the same error . Later I reverted to CIM_WIM and restarted Cisco service and working fine .

If its cisco CIM version 11.0.1 please use the same name as  CIM_BC, CIM_EIM, CIM_OUTBOUND,CIM_WIM .


Also make sure when your run wizard did you map CIM_WIM MRD .


I am looking for Email 3rd party software , what is the mail server your using  .

I tried exchange 2016 but its always saying alias and retriever authentication failed , But I can able to sent mail from CIM EMAIL .




My version is 11.5.1.

What cisco services did you restarted? 

for email my media routing domain is working fine, I used name MRD_ECE_Email

I changed name for ECE_Chat and give same error. 

Lee Steve 

Hi ,

EIM WIM - Application and Web service ( Cisco service ).




it doesn't work, after restart services, I note the following, if I remove the chat license the problem does not appear. 

I think my problem do not for name for MRD, because I changed and appear the same message with new name. 

thanks in advanced.

Lee Steve

Finally I opened a case with TAC and the resolution to the issue was to erase all the configuration and generate it again, I did not change anything, it was just to clear and create again

Thanks for your help

hi Lee, Facing the same issue here. Could you tell what configurations were deleted and recreated? And where ICM or ECE? thanks, Dilip


He likely had to delete anything he configured in ECE, if not entirely uninstall and nuke the database because once you select the Application Path, you cannot select a different one. On the ICM side, you have to absolutely follow what the Installation Guide tells you with the correct spelling and capitalization. Your Media Classes and MRDs have to be ECE_Email, ECE_Outbound and ECE_Chat ... you cannot change that otherwise the solution will not work as intended.


The other issue could be as simple as accidentally creating the Skill Group/Precision Queue under the wrong MRD - it's easy to miss

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