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Cisco Finesse Audio Notification for Long Calls and Calls in Queue


hello! Can you kindly guide me of specific API or a third-party application you have used that could trigger an alert/sound or audio notification in Cisco Finesse on-prem to call agents' and supervisor's attention in cases of very long inbound voice calls, and for calls waiting in queue? I have tried exploring GitHub/DevNet but I could not find one that suits this requirement. 


Konstantin Vaksin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
You can try to check devnet portal for that:<>.

There is example, how to play audio notification from Finesse. You might need to utilize Finesse API to get statsitics


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


please elaborate your question... 2 things here;

1. very long inbound voice calls - do you mean to say long inbound calls in queue or inbound calls that are active for long time.

2. calls waiting in queue -  agree with @Konstantin Vaksin said, this is call statistics that needs to be consumed using Finesse REST API's and then build the logic. You can also avail and invoke Finesse Java scripts to play the alert tones. How to do that, you need to explore more.


With below post you can modify the logic and play the alert notifications. This will definitely give you an idea how it can be done.


You may avail assistance from Cisco Devnet Team as well.




thanks and regards,
Ritesh Desai
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Hi there, 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards and 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse can deliver this - both solutions are available via CCW.


You can check these solutions out here:


I would suggest that you request a demo at to discuss your specific use cases, so we could recommend the right solution out of the two I mentioned above. Thank you! Michal from 2Ring


You can checkout the solution MARS UCCX Finesse Agent Queue Alert

Please checkout attached application write-up.

For more details please write to

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