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Cisco Finesse Client


Hi all ,


UCCX servers certificate was renewed and signed by CA because the old certificate was expired.
After certificate was signed and uploaded to the servers I performed reset to "Cisco Finesse Tomcat" and "Cisco Tomcat" Services.
The old cerificates already not exist on both servers and all the certificates are valid.
When I connect to UCCX (GUI) servers I can see the new certificate.

The issue is when I log-in to cisco finesse client I get the old certificate of UCCX Pub which is expired and already not exist, then I get to a new page and I must to continue (non-secure) and here I can see on certificate details the old certificate which is expired.

and not the new certificate which I get on the finesse client web page or uccx web admin.



I tried to log-in from several new computers and I got the same issue.

Any suggest?

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VIP Advocate

So you're 100% sure it's not cached, right? The other quick thing I would do is a complete restart of the whole node. I've seen some funky thing when it comes to certificates.



Exactly, reboot the whole server. There are like 5 services which need to be restarted on UCCX whenever a cert change occurs, and so it's just easier to reboot the whole server.

Agree with Anthony here my experience is reboot it is easier than each individual service.

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