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Cisco Finesse in Incedo CRM

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Hi All,

We are use Finesse 11.6 with UCCE 11.6 components . Globally we are using Incedo CRM for other department work day today use.



Going forward UCCE , Agents are going to use only  Incedo CRM via Browser continuously and they wont use finesse agent desktop . here we need to bring Finesse functionalities in to this I CRM with custom widget inside this CRM. This custom widget will show the calls,alerts etc as like Agent desktop:


If any Finesse calls comes , agents will get notified in their CRM and they will answer the call through CRM.

I am not sure whether this integration of Finesse inside this  CRM is possible, do you think we need any connectors to do this functionalities?.If so , how i can start this work , please suggest.

What are all the events we needed from Finesse perspective to publish or subscribe the events to CRM development team.





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Hello Nila,

In my opinion, this integration is possible to be done.Finesse is out-of-the-box solution that is given to customers as a part of the UCCE/UCCX solution. Based on your requirements I think that you would not like agents to use the Finesse UI to work in a call center.

If we assume that your CRM is a web-based application, then you will need to create the custom engine that would communicate with the Finesse server using 2 channels:

  • Finesse Tomcat - to invoke REST API's that allow ex. to log in the person
  • FInesse Notification Services - to receive asynchronous events (like incoming cal).

Having that engine, you can create a custom front end that will be showed in CRM. The complexity of the solution will depend on the number of features that you would want to move to this widget.


Where to start?

The only good place that I know is to use online Finesse Web Developer documentation and start from this place: (Link) 

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If you are open to 3rd party solutions then MARS Cisco UCCE PCCE Connector for CRM will fulfill your requirement.

Please refer to attached solution document for details.


For more info please write to