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Cisco Finesse Screen Pop

Scott Bailey

What's the best way to have a user's browser window pop when they receive a call so they can see the queue?  The queue comes across in their view, but if it's minimized while they're working on other things they can't see it.  I'm running CCX version 11.6.

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Can you expand further on what you're thinking. Are you thinking a toaster notification when a call arrives?





Hi David - Anything that would help get the attention of the agent and show the CSQ name.  If that came across as a toaster notification that would be fine and potentially the best thing but I don't know that the CSQ name does this. The browser window coming to the foreground could work as well.  

What browser are you using. I believe one of them is supposed to "blink" on the task bar when a call arrives, but I might be confused.



One thing that just occurred to me is that you could use a workflow to pop a dummy webpage, maybe, and that should bring focus to the Finesse screen upon call arrival. It's not a great solution, but it should take minutes to implement and test.



I think that your idea @david.macias is the best approach to fulfill @Scott Bailey requirement. An OS toaster will always be presented on top regardless of the browser visibility. But it will require from you @Scott Bailey some development – creating a custom gadget.


As for the bringing browser on top. This is not a trivial task to fulfill. I know that in the past we did that for IE browser but we had to write a small app (Windows Service) that was communicating with a custom gadget via REST API (gadget was notifying the app that the call arrived). The rest was happening on the system OS level.



Scott, if you are not into doing this yourself, please note that 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse - Product Page can help with this. For example, on the event of an incoming call, our workflow can display a toast alert (each queue can be represented with a different picture, we can even do a DB look-up or use some API to obtain additional info about the caller and include it in the alert). These toast alerts require for Finesse to run in Chrome, Firefox, or in Edge (Chromium or not). Clicking on the toast alert can perform certain action - e.g. bring Finesse with a certain tab to the front. Here is an example of such toaster:



We can demo this now, when you visit the product web-site, you can request a demo session there. Michal, 2Ring

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