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Cisco PCCE 4K Model Reference Design

Dear All,


As per cisco PCCE, 4K required UCS C240 M5SX 4 servers. Per-server have 56 Logical processors.


Example For 1A server required a total 32 vCPU and remaining 24 vCPU is free.  Can I use for that 24 vCPU for ECE, cusp and other contact center applications.


Also, can I ignore Aditional Finesse, cuic, aw-hds-DDS, CVP, pg?


Logical processors 56

Sockets 2

Cores per socket 14


Note: We installed many places for 2K As per cisco Standard. for 4K model ref document is not clear and not sure will it through any error during the deployment type validation stage.


Please advise!



VIP Engager

I'll start with I've never done a 4K deployment, so take that with a grain of salt. However, there are a few things you're missing and I'm going to give you my opinion, but ultimate Cisco and more than likely A2Q will have the final word.


1. Because of the 4K deployment you will want a larger ECE install. The single box deployment only support 400 agents.

2. You do need the additional Finesse as a Finesse pair can only handle 2K agents and you're deploying for 4K agents.

3. I generally leave the VM layouts alone and don't add additional servers outside of the referenced design. Now I break this rule if the UCS is handling non-main controller devices, but that' rare.



Thanks David!


Surely we will follow cisco A2Q process.


we have less than 2000 agents in my setup. Because fo the below Features we are planning to go for 4K deployment.


For Multichannel less than 150 agents only. So can I Install ECE and vCUSP in the same UCS.


“DB Lookup Explorer, ICM Instance Explorer, Network VRU Explorer, PG Explorer, Agent Desk Settings List, Label List, Miscellaneous Unreferenced Objects”


For this reason, can I ignore Additional Finesse, cuic, aw-hds-dds, CVP, pg?


Please check and update.



I'm not following why you need to go to 4K, can you rephrase please? Yeah if you don't have over 2000 agents then yeah I don't see why you would need the additional Finesse server.



Hi David,

The reason is we need to use DB Lookup for most of the call flow and this Feature is available only PCCE 4K, 12K model.

due to some reason, we can not use CVP DB element.





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