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Cisco Quality Management Resiliency

I am doing a redesign for my customer who currently has UCCX and Cisco Quality Management 9.x. He is having troubles with the resiliency of the solution and missing some recordings. I am trying to understand the resiliency options for Cisco QM 11.x as I will be upgrading his entire UC infrastructure to 11.x. The customer is using Network Recording. They have a CUCM cluster with 4 subscribers and a High Available UCCX deployment.

From the Cisco QM design guide, I understood that you can have a backup signaling server (CTI server), and multiple recording clusters where every cluster can have multiple recording servers. The architecture I am thinking about is to have the following servers:

  • Base Server (web service, signaling service, Monitor Service)
  • Backup Signaling Server
  • Two recording servers: each with its own storage (with RAID 5)
  • SQL Server

Here are my questions about this architecture:

  • Can I put the Base server and the Backup Signaling server in different locations connected via WAN to achieve Geo-Redundancy?
  • Can I put the recording servers in different locations?
  • Is there a scenario when they might lose recordings except if the SQL server is down.
  • Other considerations I forgot about?

Thank you all :)

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