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Cisco Screen Converter Utility for AQM 11.5

Hi Guys,

Has anyone worked on Cisco AQM.
We are in the process of CUCM, UCCX and AQM migration to version 11.5.

As per Calabrio document screen recording in AQM 8.5 [ .rec format ] are not supported to play in AQM version 11.5. And we need to convert them to the AQM 11.5 compatible format using Cisco Screen Converter utility before migration.

We try to use the tool but we did not succeeded. Any one knows how to use this tool.


Aniket P. Raut


once installed you need to configure the source directory. Look at page 82 in the QM 11.5 install guide. 

I point to the source directory and run the command from the command prompt so I can see the output, all I get is missing key file and no video files converted

Lee Marson


Did you ever get anywhere with this please?

I have a customer with 3 months of screen recordings to convert. 

This process seems totally impractical.

Can the conversion process happen retrospectively ie have it running after the upgrade on a separate server?

Were you ever able to find out?


If you did not convert them prior to installation you will not be able to convert them. Page 82 below.


If you are upgrading from a version prior to11.0 and you are using screen recordings, use the Cisco Screen Converter utility to upgrade your recordings before you install version 11.5. See Cisco Screen Converter Utility for instructions on how to upgrade screen recordings from the REC format to the M4V format.

Important: Screen recordings in REC format are not automatically upgraded to M4V format when you upgrade to11.5. You must use the Cisco Screen Converter utility to upgrade your recordings before you install version11.5.

hi Jason,


Do you know of any way to run the process prior to the upgrade? Possibly by copying the VMDK file, mounting it to another VM, and running it off box? I have a client looking in the eyes of an AQM 11.5 upgrade from AQM 10.5 and the extended downtime due to their 180+ days of screen recordings is not good.




This is directly out of the manual:


Cisco Screen Converter Utility Quality Management does not automatically upgrade REC format screen recordings to M4V format when you upgrade to version11.5. Cisco provides the Cisco Screen Converter utility to allow you to upgrade your screen recordings to the M4V format. The Screen Converter utility supports upgrading screen recordings from version 10.0, 10.5, and 11.0. You must install and run the Screen Converter (setup_MonRec_ScreenConverter.exe) utility on either a Site Upload server or a Media Encoding server.

The Screen Converter utility requires Windows Server Desktop Experience to be installed and enabled. This utility is only available in an SR or ES for versions 10.0, 10.5, or 11.0. You might need to upgrade to the latest SR or ES that contains this utility. The REC to M4V Encoder (RecToM4VEncoder.exe) converts the screen recordings in REC format in a specified storage directory to M4V format. The files are converted one by one starting with the most recent file.

Note that you can stop the Rec To M4V Encoder.exe at anytime. When you restart Rec To M4V Encoder.exe, the conversion process starts again with the most recent file. You can also run Rec To M4V Encoder.exe nightly on multiple conversion servers concurrently to more efficiently process a large number of REC files. The approximate conversion time REC to M4V is 1:1 based on the total time of the REC screen recording.


Forgot a piece.

To install the Cisco Screen Converter Utility:
1. Go to the following directory on the Site Upload server or a Media Encoding server:
C:\Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM\Install
2. Double-click setup_MonRec_ScreenConverter.exe and follow the prompts.
To configure the Rec To M4V Encoder.cfg:
1. Open the Rec To M4V Encoder.cfg. The file is located at:
2. Scroll to folder List = at the bottom of the file and enter the directory names that contain REC format screen recordings. Each folder name must be separated by"|".
Example: folder List=C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\QM\Recording\Video|R:\MyRecordings
Alternatively, you can include the directory names when you run Rec To M4V Encoder from the command line using the following format:
Where <filename> is the path and file name of a specific REC file and <foldername> is the path to a specific directory that contains REC files, and -u displays this information screen.
Example: RecToM4VEncoder-fC:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\QM\Recording\Video
To run Rec To M4V Encoder.exe:
1. From the command line, go the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Cisco\WFO_QM_ScreenConverter\bin
2. To convert REC format screen recordings to M4V format, enter the following command:
Rec To M4V Encoder
This command will convert the directories specified in Rec To M4V Encoder.cfg.
Note: Rec To M4V Encoder.exe does not support converting screen recordings that exceed 4096×4096 dimension. If a screen recording exceeds 4096×4096, the recording will not be converted to M4V.
Best Practices: Run the Rec To M4V Encoder.exe before you upgraded to version 11.5. If you do not convert the screen recordings from REC to M4V format, "file not found" error will appear when you try to play back the recording in version 11.5.

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