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Cisco Sizing tools

Dear Cisco,

I am currently unable to access the sizing tool for Collaboration. Can you explain me why I face this situation?

Thanks in advance.



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Cisco Employee

What is the exact issue you

What is the exact issue you are facing there?? Are you not able to download the sizing Tool, I can download it just fine, might be some issues with your CCO Access




Hello Deepak,

Hello Deepak,

I click on the HTML link then I have a logging prompt (even if I am already login in previously). 
Once I am on this logging prompt I am unable to login in and download the sizing tool.

Normally my CCO access is OK as I am allowed to use all the partner tools.

Thanks for your prompt support.



Hello Team,Any news on my

Hello Team,

Any news on my request ?




The support link on that page

There is a support link on that page at the bottom left with an email address, you might want to try that. I just tried the download link and it worked for me.


I don't have even access the

I don't have even access to the page of the sizing tool...


What happens if you are

What happens if you are logged in and try and go to the site, what do you see?


I am not even able to log in.

I am not even able to log in. I am intering into a loop when trying to log without any warning or error message.


If that's the case, you might

If that's the case, you might want to send an email to the address on the registration page so that they can take a look at your account.


Re: Cisco Sizing tools

I faced the same problem. 

When trying to open the Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool ( and sign-in I am stuck in a loop where ...
1) I am sent to a "Log in to your account" page ( 
2) I enter my username 
3) I'm redirected to
4) I enter my password
5) I am signed out by  
6) I am sent back to the original "Log in to your account" page
I am able to sign-in to with my credentials. 
I found the *.pdf for Collaboration Sizing Tool: Frequently Asked Questions (First Published: 2011-12-21, Last Modified: 2017-08-24). The first question is...
Q. Who can access the Collaboration Sizing Tool?
A. Any Cisco employee with a account....
So, it appears that only Cisco employees can access the tool. I don't even know why this tool is mentioned in any of the Unified Communication products documents if customers can't access it. 
Here is an example of wording found in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Design Guide, Release 11.0(1) ...
"If all of the call sizing information is available, the next step is to apply Unified CCX sizing limits to the call center requirements. For this step, use the Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool, available online at:

The Unified Communications downloadable sizing tools help you with the task of sizing Unified Communications deployments."

Cisco, I am so very disappointed in you. Why make it harder for your customers to implement, plan, and maintain your products? Tisk tisk. 

Re: Cisco Sizing tools

Same problem here.


Re: Cisco Sizing tools

You might want to check your access then as mentioned above by emailing them for instance.

I just clicked on and entered my credentials.

It then took me to a page that has Collaboration Sizing Tool download link on it (I'm guessing that's what you want) as well as some other items.

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