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Cisco SocialMiner Facebook 8.5 - authorization problem


I installed the socialminer software sucessfuly and i created a fan page on facebook ,  configured the feed on the CCP and the status of the feed is green.


My problem is that when i try to reply to a post from the home page of the CCP , it gave me this error :

There was an error determining the Facebook like status

Invalid/expired Facebook Auth token: Need to reauthorize


And the feed become un available and i have to repost authorization everytime , and even if i make the reauthorization post , it still doesn't post.

What is supposed to be the problem?

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Cisco SocialMiner Facebook 8.5 - authorization problem


You need to upgrade to the latest 8.5.4 release, which is, or to version 8.5.5 (this have being released today), all this because Facebook changed the API.

From the socialminer wiki:


Bugid: CSCtv23315
Patch version:
Valid upgrade paths to this patch:
• from FCS version (8.5.1)
• from release 8.5.3
• from release 8.5.4

The issue:

When a user chooses to reply to a SocialContact, the Facebook reply template is loaded but displays the error: "Invalid access token" and the user is unable to post a reply.  Furthermore, the Feed is marked as in a bad state (because of an invalid access token) and needs re-authorization.

When a Facebook reply template is loaded, it checks to see the current Like status of the post. It is during the determination of the Like status that the SocialMiner encounters an issue. The Facebook Graph API needs a UserId to retrieve the Like status of a Post. Previously, the UserId was encoded in the Facebook access token, so SocialMiner was able to directly parse it from the token. Since Facebook moved to OAuth 2.0, the structure of the access token has changed and, as a result, SocialMiner is no longer able to parse the UserId from the access token and the Like status determination fails.

The solution:

This patch changes the way SocialMiner extracts the UserId (it now makes a Facebook API call to get the UserId) to resolve this issue.


Gabriel, rate if this helps


Cisco SocialMiner Facebook 8.5 - authorization problem

Has this problem resurfaced ?

I'm having problems with version 8.5.5 and posting replies.

"There was an error determining the Facebook like status

Invalid/expired Facebook Auth token: Need to reauthorize"



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